"Ingenious...it is no accident that so many of the sharp jokes come as complete surprises!”

- The New York Times • FULL REVIEW


"They had the sold-out theatre in the palms of their hands and nearly rolling on the floor with laughter. An absolute must-see!"

- Theatre in London


"CIRCLE is hot...a sizzling sex comedy!"

- The Montreal Gazette


★★★★"CIRCLE delivers belly laughs from beginning to end...Outstanding performances...Fast-paced, poignant, hilarious...a MUST-SEE!"

- Joe Belanger, The London Free Press


★★★★"CIRCLE is a frank look at the games people play while in pursuit of orgasms, intimacy, power and human connection, it’s also very funny!"

- Winnipeg Free Press


★★★★"This smart two-hander offers much more than cheap thrills…we discover sex is rarely pure, and never simple…Bachner’s script is sometimes laugh out loud funny, sometimes unsettling, but consistently thoughtful and surprising!"

- CBC Manitoba


★★★★"This smart adult comedy moves fast and the dialogue is snappy...There’s a message: we are sexual beings, we are isolated and hungry for human touch. It’s something we’re all feeling together, alone."

- Edmonton Journal


★★★★"Sexy yet disturbing ... a steamy and thought-provoking play!"

- Edmonton Sun


"The eight unlikely couples in smoking hot CIRCLE show that you can’t always get what you want, especially if what you want is to connect. Dialogue so sharp, characters so momentarily real, I’m sure a few from the audience checked their gmail history to make sure no one had access to their real lives."

- Cult Montreal


"Fun sexy comedy ...Compelling ...   Hysterical ...Hilarious!"

- Bloody Underrated


"One of the best sexy shows I’ve seen at the festival in all my years...hilarious, spectacular, polished, heartfelt...CIRCLE has you laughing the entire time, and then subverts your expectations at the endwith a dose of reality that’s uncannily moving...CIRCLE is the sex show to see at the Fringe this year!"

- Kevin Pennyfeather, Freelance Journalist


"CIRCLE is a smart, sophisticated, well-crafted two-hander...The writing - by New York director and playwright Suzanne Bachner - is snappy and sophisticated, and the actors do the clever script full justice...Bob Brader is a delight. His acting is flawless, and each character is utterly believable...This ‘Sexy daisy-chain of sexy sex’, has been selling out (for good reason) all across Canada this summer!"

- The Charlebois Post


"A fast-paced sexy romp across the spectrum of human sexuality!"

- The Beat Magazine


"Touching, raw, funny, poignant and honest!"

- Watermark


"Hilarious and poignant, CIRCLE is a cleverly staged show expertly executed by two very talented actors!"

- Orlando Sentinel


"Suzanne Bachner's impressive CIRCLE puts on display a writer with such a winning combination of humor and empathy...elegantly written and moving...Bachner hits her social targets with repeated accuracy!"



"White Hot, Screamingly Funny!"

- Greenwich Village Gazette


"Equally Seductive and Comic!"



“Deft Theatrical Storytelling... Bachner's writing is witty, knowing, compassionate!”

- New York Post


"Laugh Out Loud Funny!"



"One of the Biggest Hits in Indie Theatre History!"

- Martin Denton, NYTheatre Now

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